Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Easter

Easy Easter

This tutorial is written by me with the express
purpose of being nothing more than a road map
for those with a basic working knowledge
of PSP. Any similarity between this and
any other tutorial is nothing more than coincidence.
Today's tutorial will perhaps be one of the easiest
one's you will ever follow. This is simply about
playing with tools available in PSP as it comes.
So with that in mind here is what will be needed to
complete this tutorial:

1) A tube of choice, obviously I know. I am using
the wonderful work of Daria Andraczko!
which can be found HERE at Artistically Inclined Licensing
yes you do need a license to use her work, and yes
it is worth it to check out the other artist you can find there.
2) PSP yep that's right everything we will be using comes standard
with your PSP program
3) An imagination, and the ability to have fun with your creativity

Now, in hopes that we all have our needed supplies gathered
we are ready to begin.

1. Create a new canvas 700 x 700
I start with a transparent background, but you may fill in
any color that you like if you so desire.
2. Create a new raster layer
3. Select your "Picture Tube Tool" please see image below
for reference if you do not know where to find this.
4. Create a background by playing around with the objects
in the picture tube selection area. I find it easier to manipulate
the scene and selections if I create a new raster layer for
each item I choose to add. Don't forget to adjust size and step
to assist in finding a layout that you enjoy. I used Lawn, and Nostalgia
for my background, then added a few little items here and there to
create a festive scene. These can be found by using add-ons to
your picture tube folder, or just grabbing items from a scrap kit you like.
5. After you have the background you are satisfied with
make your original raster (background layer) invisible then go to layers,
merge, merge visible.
6. Make your background layer visible once more and place your
tube as a new layer. Position as desired then merge down.
7. Resize as desired. I usually resize to around 420 x 420 or 60%
8. Now add artist copyright, name, and any word art
you may have decided to use.
Congratulations You're done. I realize the exercise of this
tutorial may seem simplistic in nature, but I decided on this course
due to the fact that I feel there are times we neglect some of the
more basic tools available to us. I hope you enjoyed playing around
with this, and have a wonderful day!


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