Monday, November 24, 2008

~Winter Wonderland~

~Winter Wonderland~

This tutorial was written by me on 11-24-2008, and
is intended for those who has a basic knowledge
of PSP. Any resemblance to another tutorial is strictly
coincidental and unintentional.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following:

1 Mask I am using Vix_ChristmasMask5 which can be found HERE

3 photos of your choice
I am using scenery pictures of Winter in Yosemite
taken by a personal friend and her husband.
To find a large variety of scenic photos check HERE

All effects come standard with PSP

Now that we have our supplies gathered we are ready to get started!

1. Open a new canvas 700 x 600 fill white

2. Create new raster layer

3. Go to preset Shapes You can use any shape you like
I used star 7 line width 7 foreground and stroke any color you choose
I used 080bf2 and fill color null create as vector size and position
as desired, then go to layers, merge, merge down

4. Using you magic wand tool click inside your frame.

5. Go to selections, modify, expand by 4
Selections invert

6. Open one of the images you picked now copy and paste as new layer.
Move beneath your frame layer and press delete
( you may have to resize and position your image for desired portion to be seen )
Selections, select none.

7. Using your magic wand on your frame layer select your frame.
Go to selections, modify, contract by 2

8. Using the airbrush tool with the following settings:
size: 30, hardness: 10, step: 27, density: 45, thickness: 100, opacity: 50, blend mode: Overlay
using a lighter color than your frame put random lines over the frame
to look like dust or snow I used c1e5e5

9. Go to Selections, Select none.Now go to layers
Merge, Merge down and add a drop shadow of choice to your frame.

10. Make your
white background invisible, then merge, merge visible.
you can reopen your white layer now.

you should now have something like this:

10. Again to your preset shapes tool. This time using a rectangle
or square with a foreground and stroke of 5 fill null. Same colors as used for first frame
again create as vector. rotate and position toward the top left corner of the original
frame try to avoid covering the first image if possible.
then convert to raster layer.

11. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for your new frame.
then close out your background and original frame layers go to layers,
merge, merge visible.
Now reopen your other layers again.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for a third and final frame, but
move this one to the lower right corner of your original frame.

Now you should be here:

13. Select your background layer, then create new raster layer.

14. Using your fill tool flood fill this layer with a color that compliments
your images and the mask you have chosen to use.
I filled with 8dbbf2

15. Go to layers, Load/save mask, Load mask from disk
go to layers, merge, merge group
( if you chose to use the Vix_ChristmasMask5 as I did you may need to
reposition in order to see the wording. )

16. Now go to layers, merge, merge all.

17. Resize by 70%

18. Add your name, artist information, and your personal watermark if you use one.

You're done!!!
Thank you for attempting this tutorial.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Saturday, November 8, 2008

~Thanksgiving Window~

~Thanksgiving Window~

This tutorial was written by me on 11-9-2008.
It is intended for those with a basic general knowledge
of PSP and looking for a tutorial that can be
as simplistic or as complicated as those completing it
choose to do. Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

In order to complete this tutorial, you
will need to first complete the tutorials for both boy and girl
Thanksgiving Bears as well as The Turkey by Vicki. These can be found HERE
Upon completion of these tutorials you will have the two tubes
needed to complete this one, or you can use a tube or tubes
of your choice, but please remember to follow artist TOU's.

You will also need a scenic photo of choice, something that
shows a field or forest scenery is preferred.

A mask of choice. I have found that in my opinion
this tutorial works best with a mask that looks like a window of sorts.
I am using WSL169 from Wee Scots Lass which can be found HERE

Now that we have all of our supplies we are ready to begin.
Since this is such a simplistic tutorial there will be no screen shots.

1. Complete the tutorials from Vicki or open the tube or tubes
you have chosen to use.

2. Open new canvas 800 x 600 and fill white.

3. Go to selections, select all.

4. Create new raster layer.

5. Go to selections, modify, contract by 30.

6. Open your scenery / landscape, copy and paste into selection.

7. Selections, select none.

8. Create mask layer using your mask of choice
be sure to check fit to layer. I used WSL 169

9. Layers, Merge, Merge group.

10. Place your bears and Turkey, or the tube/tubes that you choose
as desired.

11. Layers, Merge, Merge all

12. Resize by 70%

13. Add new raster layer, add your name and any artist information

14. Layers, Merge, Merge all.

You're done!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you attempted Vicki's tutorials
in order to complete I hope you had fun
with those as well.

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