Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Contemplating The Scene

 Contemplating The Scene
This tut was written by me using PSP 9, but should be able
to be replicated in any version. Any similarity betwixt this
or any other tutorial is merely accidental and a matter of coincidence.
Let's begin by gathering our supplies.
You will need obviously a tube and Font of Choice.
I am using the wonderful artwork of Andette!
which can be purchased at Artistically Inclined Licensing HERE
Word Art and Complimenting Mask.
I personally am using Word Art and a Mask that I created
specifically for this tag.
Eye Candy 3 Inner Bevel
All other plug ins are included with PSP
Now that we have our supplies we are ready to begin.
1. Open a blank canvas 650 x 650 background Transparent
2. Add new raster layer and flood fill white this is simply to
provide a solid color background to work your canvas.
3. And new raster layer, go to selections, select all, back to
selections, Modify, Contract by 100
4. Flood fill your selection with a color of choice. I would recommend
choosing a color from your tube to avoid contrasting.
5. Go back to selections, modify, contract by 15, then click delete
6. Go to selections select none
7. Go to effects, Texture Effects, Texture, Long Grain
Using the following settings:
8. Go to effects, Plug Ins, Eye Candy 3, Inner Bevel
use a bevel setting that feels right to you for a picture frame.
9. Using your magic wand Tolerance 0, Feather 0
select the inside of your frame.
10. Go to selections, modify, expand, expand by 3
11. Create a new raster layer, and move this layer below your frame
12. Now pick another color of choice, from your tube or if you
wish contrasting, and flood fill.
13. Go to selections, select none
14. Create New Raster layer, and create your word art inside your frame, or
if you are using ready made word art place it now, resize and position
within your frame.
15. Once you have your word art positioned comfortably within your frame
go to layers, merge, merge down.
16. Go to effects, Texture Effects, Texture, Canvas Simple
using the same settings as before
17. Go to your layer pallet and select your frame layer, then go to layers, merge, merge down
18. Make your color background layer active, and create new raster layer.
19. Flood fill this layer with a color of your choosing
20. This is where you add your mask layer. If you are using an installed mask
go to layers, load save mask, if you are using a .jpeg mask that
you have open in PSP go to layers, new mask layer, create from image.
21. Making sure that your top layer is active, Paste your tube as a new layer.
Resize and position as you desire.
22. Once you have your tube positioned to use for reference make your picture layer
active, go to image, resize (make sure "all layers" is NOT selected, then
resize as best suits your tube and desired positioning.
23. Go to Image, rotate, free rotate, depending on which side you placed your tube on
rotate either to left or right by 15 degrees, again making sure that "all layers" is NOT selected.
24. Now go to image, resize, resize to 420 x 420 pixels.
25. Add your artist copyright and other required information
26. Add the name on your tag, merge to save how you prefer either Jpeg or PNG, and we are finished!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and wish you all a wonderful day.
On A Side note. If you noticed, the word art created for this tutorial is about
Childhood Cancer. My son was diagnosed September 29, 2009 with DIPG.
So of course Childhood Cancer awareness means a lot to me. So please
learn what you can, educate others, and above all Be Aware.


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