Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tripped Devilish Bitch!

Tripped Devilish Bitch!
This tutorial was written by me. Any resemblance or
similarity between this or any other tutorial
is purely accidental and coincidence.
To begin we will first need to gather our supplies:
You will need a tube of choice, I am using the inspired work of
Alpio Stanchi which can be found at Artistically Inclined Licensing HERE
A scrap kit Devilish Bitch by Coyotie Designs which can also be
purchased at AIL HERE
We will be using a few effects and plug ins to include
Eye Candy 3
and Drop Shadow which comes standard with most versions of PSP
Now that we have our supplies together we are ready to begin.
1. Open a blank canvas 700 x 700 transparent (please be sure pixels/inch is set to 72)
2. From the Devilish Bitch scrap kit open from Elements cds_db_wire, then Copy
and paste as a new layer on your canvas
3. Now from your Devilish Bitch pick a frame that works well with your tube
I am using cds_db_frame2 and position where you think works best
4. Go to effects, Eye Candy 3, Inner Bevel, now use a bevel that you feel works best.
5. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer (you may need to resize slightly)
6. Move your tube so that it sits well within or over the frame.
7. Add a drop shadow of choice to your tube
8. Now go to layers, Duplicate your tube layer
9. Move your duplicate layer below your frame layer
10. Making your original tube layer active use you eraser brush to remove
any sections of the tube on the bottom of the frame so that it appears the tube
is coming out of the frame.
11. Go back to your duplicate layer and still using your eraser brush remove
any portions of the tube below the bottom line of the frame.
12. Make your frame layer active, using your magic wand feather zero, select inside
your frame.
13. Pick a paper from the Devilish Bitch kit which matches or compliments
your tube then past as a new layer, move this paper below your duplicate tube layer.
14. Go to selections, modify, expand by 3, then invert selection and delete
15. No select none, and make invisible all but your paper, duplicate tube, frame
and original tube layers
16. Go to Layers, Merge, Merge Visible.
17. Make all layers visible once more and be sure your Wire layer is active
18. Using your magic wand, tolerance 3, feather 15 select outside of your wire
19. Go to selections, modify, expand by 10
20, Selections, Invert
21. Now choose another paper from the Devilish Bitch Kit, make your background layer
active, and add your paper as a new layer.
22. Now press delete this should erase the area outside of the wire on your paper, and
give a look of the paper fading toward the outside.
23. Go to selections, Select none
24. Go to adjust, blur, radial blur set to twirl with a strength of 45
25. At this point you can make your background layer invisible
26. Go to Layers, Merge, Merge Visible
27. You can make you background layer visible again
28. With your merged layer active, go to Image, Resize, (make sure
all layers is not selected), Resize by 85%
29. Now add a few elements as you like
30. Merge everything together, go to Image, Resize, All layers selected
resize to 420 x 420 pixels.
31. Go to Adjust, Sharpen
32. Now add Copyright Info and Name, save and your done!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to try.
Have a wonderful day!

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